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Edmonton’s original “Indiana Stones”

He ended up on a mountain in Dominica with another wonderful Girl. The last few years of his life were spent on a hammock on a hillside in the shade overlooking the beautiful Caribbean ocean. I guess in retrospect, it was not a bad way for "Indiana Stones" to go...

Rest well my friend


“Give me your pants, I’ll sew them for you”

Now, I'm not always the sharpest tack in the box first thing in the morning, but I do know how to put my pants on.


November’s Blog: Imperial Topaz

Now you too can have long life.. beauty.. and.. intelligence.. and all just by wearing a Topaz above your heart! Well, that’s what they believed in ancient India.


My first night in Brazil

A night in Brazil
'warning.. may contain content not suitable for young children"
not really... well, maybe just a little


25 Years Later!!!

There are things that come into our lives that leave an impression. It can be an event, a place, or even a thing, that burns into our memory. And, even though we might not think of it for years, it remains.

For me, it's often a stone. Usually an exceptional one. One such stone has a very unique history, my Reddish Pink Imperial Topaz.