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Our move into our new space is finally complete! And, it is Amazing. the words that the first few clients used are "spectacular", "breath taking", "Incredible", "warm and inviting".. just to name a few..
Just in time for Christmas, Vandenberg's style and quality at exceptional savings..

"Ralph, I Received the ring the next morning from FedEx. Thank you very much for your help. You've been my jeweller of choice for 35 years and this is the first thing we had to get repaired. Good job. When I brought in Amber's jewellery for appraisal it made me realize what exceptional service you have provided to Amber and myself while we were living in a remote community in the NWT, with only a Sears catalogue outlet. You provided goods available only in big cities. Your craftsmanship and willingness to provide unique jewellery to a small town customer was the epitome of customer service. Your jewelry has been loved by Amber, and I always have enjoyed her appreciation in receiving your unique jewellery. Thanks for contributing in no small way to our relationship for the past 37 years. Having you provide high-quality unique jewellery on a phone call is the best example of customer service. I still remember when you trusted me with a package of opals to find a replacement for an opal that cracked in Amber’s ring. What kind of trust was that!!!! Thanks again, Charlie S."

Ralph Vandenberg

Edmonton’s longest-standing Graduate Gemologist, Ralph Vandenberg has travelled the world honing his craft. And whether he’s visiting the renowned DeBeers diamond mines in Botswana, brokering diamond agreements in London and Antwerp or haggling over the latest bounty of sapphires in the cutting rooms of Mumbai, India – Ralph is always on the lookout for the gems that will make his clients’ dreams come true.

As the owner and lead designer at Vandenbergs, Ralph carries on the rich tradition established by his father when the company opened its doors in 1976. This modest family business in Capilano Mall was where, as a young man, Ralph worked as a part-time salesman and learned the gem business from the inside out. His passion, creativity and love for beautiful stones led him to the prestigious Gemological Institute of America in California – the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls. Ralph graduated in residence as a Graduate Gemologist and furthered his skills by graduating from the Institute’s jewellery design school. Edmonton is able to boast that Ralph is now one of the most experienced and traveled jewellery and gem specialists in North America.

Join Ralph as he retells 40 years of treasure hunting in the Vandenberg Diaries. Whether he’s bartering for emeralds in the wilds of Brazil or negotiating deals in the backrooms of De Beers in Botswana, you’re sure to be entertained.

Get the best and expect the best from Ralph and his team!

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Jewel Of The Month

January, You are Garnet. Beautiful, Diverse, Affordable. Whether it's the deep red that we are all familiar with, or the startling intense orange of Spessartine Garnet, the rich Chrome coloured green Tsavorite Garnet, or the host of other colours, Garnet is Amazing. There's even a rare Garnet that changes colours like the fabled Alexandrite. In fact, it's called Alexandrite like Garnet. Stop in and see for yourself.

Jewel of the Month

The value added component of Vandenbergs lies in our custom jewellery design and our excellent customer service. We are experts in our fields.