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Consultation Stage

Here, we talk about what you are looking for, do some preliminary sketches, determine metals, what kind of stones we are looking for and a very rough idea of pricing and budgets.

Fine Tuning

Fine Tuning Stage

Taking all the information from the Consultation stage, we will now do some scale drawings, perhaps some coloured drawings or if we are sure of the design options, some Watercolour paintings. This is where we finalize our concept.


Pre-Production Stage

Here we will take the final concept and begin to make it a reality. We will either create a CAD file and print the wax in our 3D printer or hand carve a wax model of the piece.


Production Stage

Once we have the wax model, we can move to the metal, We will cast the piece, Clean and finish it and set any stones that are required. If there is hand engraving or further texturing or Polishing it happens here. We will also take progress pictures at important stages along the path for you to see and keep. When you log in to your personal design page, you can follow the progress.