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I can't believe that it's been 40 Years!!!

I can remember our Capilano store like it was

yesterday. Was it really 1976?

Apple Computers were still in Steve's mind,

Nadia Comaneci won gold in Montreal

and Paul McCartneyh's 'Silly Love Song' topped the charts..

Yikes... I remember those...


We have been blessed beyond measure to serve

you these past 40 years, and now we want to give

something back..


For two weeks, begining May 2nd and ending

May the 14th, Vandenberg's is having the biggest sale

in our history. We're opening the vaultgs and putting

almost everything in the store at 40% off!! 


We have to Exclude Brand Name items, loost gems

and all ordered items from the 40% off sale, Wherever possible,

we will try to put them on sale as well, but pretty much

everything else will be 40% off!!


A sale like this may not come around again for another

40 years!!!  So, if you have any events or occasions to

celebrate in the next year, now's the time to

get that special gift!!









Hi, and welcome to Now accessible through all platforms, including iPad and iPhone. Vandenberg's Jewellers is so excited to launch the many new features you see here, we couldn't wait until it was completely finished to get started. In fact, it may never be 'completely' finished. We'll be constantly adding things from now on. So, check back often and see what's new...


As for what's new, perhaps the biggest thing is our new "Shop Online" e-commerce section. Now you can shop our amazing selection of fine jewellery in the comfort of your own home. You'll enjoy all the same advantages of shopping at Vandenberg's, where our exemplary service, warranties, exchange and refund policies still apply, but now you can have your purchases wrapped and delivered right to your door. We have many items added already, but check back often as we will continue to add more beautiful pieces.


Another exciting feature is "Vandenberg's College". This will be your source for all information, gem and jewellery related. On an ongoing basis, we will be posting short stories and videos about Gemstones and the jewellery industry, current trends and happenings.


We've also launched our new Facebook and Pinterest pages. Be sure to like us to see some cool things.


So, look around, enjoy and we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.


Ralph and the gang....